10 Interesting Facts About Dogs in Groveland Florida

👉 Dogs are about as interesting as you can get when it comes to household pets. I’ve been blown away by all the things I’ve learned about them over the years. It’s no surprise that they are the most popular pets in the world by a long shot. So, I wanted to share a few interesting facts about dogs that I never realized before I started my research. I think you’ll find that these furry little friends of ours are pretty special in a lot more ways that we suspect.

🐾 1. The Smelling Glands – For reference a human being has only 5 million cells that are devoted to smell. Dogs have anywhere from 125 million (dachshund) to 220 million (Alsation). Their ability to smell is stronger than any single sense we have.

🐾 2. Dingos – Dingos are a unique breed of dog native to Australia. In fact, it was introduced to the island thousands of years ago when the first human beings arrived on Australia.

🐾 3. Dogs and Time – Dogs do not have a sense of time. However, they have a fantastic sense of relation in time. They know when it is time to eat, go for a walk, or when you’re schedule to come home. This is why it is important to maintain a schedule, but not allow them to get too excited.

🐾 4. Digging and Shaking – When a dog shakes a toy, it is part of the hunting and killing ritual. Burying bones and treats is a survival tool they use to save food for later. In the wild, a dog might go days without a kill, and having food set aside can keep them alive.

🐾 5. Chasing and Barking – A dog that chases cars or barks at a mailman is only doing so, because in the past, it worked. When a car rolls by and they chase it or bark at it, it leaves. They feel they’ve been successful and thus continue to do it. This is the same reason that dogs have a particular distaste for deliverymen. They visit your house daily and always leave when you dog barks at them.

🐾 6. Circling – Ever wonder why a dog circles before laying down? It is an instinctual motion that, in the wild, will flatten the grass and create a comfortable space for them to lie down. It also helps to remove any unwanted pests that might be in the grass there.

🐾 7. Puppies and Training – A puppy will only properly learn things like how not to bite and get along with other dogs if it is left with its litter for at least 8 weeks. Additionally, try not to get the most confident and powerful pup in a litter because it’s harder to train them that you are the pack leader.

🐾 8. Dogs in Literature – Dogs have been in literature and human history for as long as it has been written. They appear in the Odyssey, Greek Myths, and the Bible alike.

🐾 9. Space Travel – The world’s first living being in space was Laika, a Russian dog that was sent into orbit aboard an artificial satellite in 1957.

🐾 10. Speedy – The Greyhound can reach speeds of up to 45 miles an hour, making it the fastest breed of dog on the planet.

This is just a snapshot of everything that makes dogs such incredibly interesting creatures. You’ll find countless fun facts littered in articles and encyclopedias online. For an animal that has been around as long as recorded history at man’s side, you can imagine they have quite a history themselves.

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