👉 There are times when surgery is the only option to improve the quality of your pet’s life or even to save your cat or dog’s life. When surgery is needed we are available for your needs with a Doctor on call 24 hours a day.
Here is a list of the general services and surgeries that we provide at the Veterinary Trauma and Medical Center located in Groveland, Florida serving all of Lake, Orange and Sumter Counties. If you need a surgery that is not listed here give us a call to speak with the surgeon directly about your needs.

🔵 Canine orthopedics surgery for dogs – We perform both external and internal orthopedic surgical procedures. Dr. Ronald Stone was AO certified and is well qualified to perform such procedures as bone plating, bone pinning and external pin fixators for difficult fractures. Bone grafting and soft tissue repair are also frequently performed here.

🔴 Surgery for cats – We provide a wide range of medical and surgical procedures for our feline patients including general and orthopedic care. We routinely offer options for treating Feline Urologic Syndrome.

🔵 CCL surgery in dogs (Also known as an ACL repair)

A ruptured cranial cruciate ligament in the stifle (knee) of the dog is one of the more common causes of lameness. The Veterinary Trauma and Medical Center offers surgical repair for this common orthopedic condition. Dr. Stone has over 37 years of experience in advanced level care and surgery

🔴 Patellar luxation. Another common cause of lamess the patella or kneecap can luxate out its groove due either to congenital issues or more rarely due to trauma. We offer surgical correction and post operative therapy for this common issue.

🔵 Bone surgery for dogs and cats – We are no only equipped with radio graphic technology but also work closely with a board certified radiologist who is on call.for our needs.

🔴 General soft tissue surgery and reconstructive surgery – All major and minor surgical procedures are preformed at the Veterinary Trauma and Medical Center such as spays, neuters, intestinal surgery, rectal issues, liver and bladder procedures. In addition we routinely do reconstructive techniques for such things as dog bites, lacerations, burns, Ear tumors, Ear Hematomas, infections, Cancer and a variety of traumas to the body

🔵 Thoracic and certain cardiac surgeries – At the Veterinary Trauma and Medical
“Center we have successfully performed such chest surgeries as PDA correction (a congenital birth defect of the vessels of the heart), Rib fractures, Chest and Lung tumors, Diaphragmatic hernias and a variety of of other such conditions.

🔴 External Ophthalmic surgery – Surgery for eyelid deformities or trauma to the lids is routinely performed at our center. Such things as Entropion, Ectropion, Eyelid lacerations, eyelid tumors, and Traumatic eye proptosis (out of socket) are commonly cared for. As a last resort Enucleations or removal of the eye globe for cancer or infection or trauma can also be performed.

🔵 Dental surgery – In addition to dental cleaning we also offer dental surgery in both dogs and cats for such things as broken jaws, extractions, oral tumors, tongue lacerations, birth defects, and certain inflammatory conditions.

🔴 Physical therapy and rehab – We offer a wide range of technologies for post operative care, spinal trauma, wound healing, arthritis and pain control. We offer non invasive Infrasonic therapy, Cold laser, and Red Light Therapy

📌 Dr. Ronald Stone has over 37 years in the profession and for several years was an Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Miami. In this capacity he served as a research veterinarian doing multiple surgical procedures for such things as diabetes investigation, heart and lung bypass technology studies, and organ transplantation.

📍Our street address is:
The Veterinary Trauma and Medical Center 244 W. Orange St. Groveland, FL 34736

📞 Call us at Ph: 352-429-7707